Hi There, This is Charles

I am a highly self-motivated software developer with a passion for computer graphics and related GPU applications. Currently working as an intern at OTPP, I like to explore a wide variety of high level programming applications and sometimes dig into theoratical stuff as well. I have excellent programming skills and thorough knowledge of Windows desktop development technologies. I have been using C++ for 7 years now but my favorite language is C# 😛. As a hobby I am really into CG fields, both the technical and artistic aspects. One thing I can definitely do better is to work out more. The next big thing I am going to do for myself is to buy a bicycle 🚲.



Age: 24

Gender: Male

Height: 158

Occupation: Student Intern at OTPP; Electrical and Comptuer Engineering Student at UofT, 3rd Year

Institute: University of Toronto

Skill: C#.Net, ASP.Net; C++ OpenGL; Blender; Unreal Engine 4

Domain: Software, CG, Game

Weakness: There are a lot of things I said but haven't realized yet

Strength: There are a few things I said and have been done; Dedicated, I don't give up; Very curious about the world

Language: Chinese (Mandarin), English

Language: Learning Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Latin, French and German

Toolset - CG: Affnity Photo, Affinity Designer, Affinity Publisher; Blender, TerraGen, Character Creator

Toolset - Programming: Visual Studio; Sublime Text, Notepad++, Visual Studio Code, VIM; Github; SQLite

Toolset - Web Development: HTML, Javascript, CSS; ASP.Net Core MVC, Razor Page, Blazor; WordPress; PHP, Apache

Toolset - Programming Language: C, C++; C#.Net

Toolset - CG II: Acquiring ZBrush, Acquiring Houdini

Toolset - Game Development: Godot, Defold; Unity 3D; PlayCanvas; Unreal Engine 4; Python Scripting; Oculuc VR

Toolset - Desktop Development: (C++) SFML; (C#) Windows Presentation Foundation; (C++) Windows API; (C++) Sockets

Toolset - Office and File Management: (Note) Tiddly Wiki, SQLite, Somewhere; (Data Processing) Excel; (Visualization) Javascript diagraming and mapping; (File Management) Search Everything, XYPlorer, Somewhere; (Web Browsing) Chrome, Vivaldi; (Data Management) SQL

Toolset - Software Libraries: (C++) DevIL, AssImp, STL (C#) Newtonsoft.Json, SimpleNetNLP, MetaVLC, Windows Speech, WordNet, Cudafy.Net (Javascript) AmCharts, Plotly (CSS) Bootstrap

Technical Background Knowledge: Computer Organization, Operating System, Computer Algorithms and Data Structures, Computer Networks, Computer Hardware

Experience: Nanjing, ICT, University of Toronto, Baycrest Hospital, UTChinese, OTPP

Ambition: Create a world.

Ambition: Finish my personal project.

Ambition: Read through CFA materials.

Ambition: Become a game developer.

Ambition: Work in the animated film industry.

Ambition: Play table tennis.


Contact Info

Email: charles@totalimagine.com Address: 16 Harrison Garden Blvd, North York, M2N 7J6, Canada WeChat: KernelKillerZ Telegram: @AllanWindmill